Does sugar make kids hyper?

Sugar does make my kids hyper. In fact, it makes them batshit crazy, which is why I try to limit it.

Sugar hyper school kids…

When I was a teacher I used to teach a Year 10 Class just after lunchtime. There was one kid, let’s call him Jimmy, now if Jimmy’d had Jaffa Cakes for lunch, it was game over. He’d be climbing the walls. He’d find it impossible to focus and he’d be cheeky and chopsy.

I asked Jimmy one day what he was eating for lunch and he told me. I put a ban on Jaffa Cakes after that. I also taught Jimmy first thing on a different day, where he was like a completely different kid. Calm, sensible and hard working.

So in my experience, sugar does make kids hyper.

But surely sugar’s not that bad. Is it?

I recently listened to a podcast, which stated that sugar releases the same chemicals in the brain as cocaine. So my question to you is this… Did your kids seem totally off their faces after their recent trick or treat haul?

Signs your child may be OD-ing on the white stuff…

  • Increased energy levels.
  • Loud, fast, erratic speech.
  • Arrogant, cocky and totally oblivious to anything anyone is trying to say to them.
  • Inability to go to bed and sleep.
  • Emotions a rollercoaster of highs and lows.
  • Not able to recognise when they’ve had enough.
  • A strong need to consume more and more.
  • Their little teeth in danger of rotting and falling out of their poor, dehydrated, fury gums. (Too much?)
does sugar make kids hyper?
Why the feck do they still include Parma Violets? WHY?

So, there we have it.

Mini little zombie and witchy Whitney’s running rings around us. All because of that crystal white, plant derived substance – refined sugar. Should we be thinking of setting up a Haribo Priory?

Don’t get me wrong. I won’t be handing out trail mix and blueberries to the revelers next year. When those little devils are denied their grams of crystals, you could well end up with slashed tyres and egg all over your front door.


It is worth remembering – if they are having copious amounts of the white stuff they may possibly start behaving like Paul Danan at a 90’s Smash Hits after party.

So go on. Go and eat the rest of their trick or treat stash. It’s for the best.

does sugar make kids hyper?
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