About me

Hi there, I’m Rhiannon. Welcome to my (hopefully) funny mum blog!

mum blog

I’m 40. I live in Cardiff. I’m a wife and a mum to two little girls age 6 and 4. I’m a part time freelance writer/part time stay at home mum.

My Story…

I left teaching when I had my second child to start a career as a writer, because I wanted a job I could fit around my family. 

I began writing for theatre and TV, but when work slowed down last year I decided to start a mum blog.

I love comedy and decided to stick to what I knew – being a mum. After looking around I found a lot of self-deprecating mums. I found a lot of shiny, perfect mums, but there weren’t many other mums around like me. Yes sometimes I am unmumsy, selfish, guilty, slummy, scummy and shit. But the rest of the time…no, most of the time… I am totally smashing it! 

So I started this comedy mum blog titled – Great Mum Shit Mum, mostly great with shitty intervals.

My Mum Blog Aim…

I want to make people laugh with this mum blog. I want to be honest. I want to talk about taboo subjects. I want to share the Shit Mum lows to make others feel like they are not alone in this exhausting, relentless and challenging job.

However, I also want other parents to feel empowered by sharing my knowledge when it comes to managing children. I’m an ex-teacher, so I’m GREAT at getting kids to do what I want them to. I’m going to share my most effective behaviour management techniques in a funny, accessible non patronising way, so that you too can be great! With great kids who listen, behave and respect you. 

mum blog

Enjoy reading my mum blog and thanks for stopping by xxx